Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fuck Haitus.

just realized i havent fucked with this shit in a while. im still (believe it or not) rounding shit up for ive been super busy as of late with a truck restoration project that i can put on hold for a while. also we are going to be chroming some of the new champion custom bars soon.

right now we are putting together the halloween party for this year and its looking good. the ideas at this time going into it are as follows...

- this is not the flyer

dollar draft beer
schwag bags for all compliments of our sponsors (zero, mystery, slave, fallen, insight have confirmed their support already)
full bar to fill all of your livers desires
random prizes and perhaps a couple raffles going on throughout the night. stay in touch because this is an evolving event and we still are adding sponsors to the event and are in the works confirming bands.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

new dothanceleb sightings about town

found this photo of myself in the lab makin magic on the 1s and 2s... twitter lurkers unite.

and here is tt in an extreme hackey sack pick up maneuver. apparently his alleged skills ain't shit.

actually that is all i have for the moment but be sure you keep it on the eye out cause more to come is around the corner.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

signs and wind dont mix...

yesterday about an hour after making a joke about a sign falling and knocking my dick to atlanta, i had a little work related accident....

i was standing there getting some bolts together to mount a 8' x 15' pylon sign weighing approx. 1500lbs, when good ol momma nature sneezed or coughed or farted and sent a gust of wind into the sign which was standing on the ground behind me. (note: i had just gotten over an eye burn from cutting steel with a torch that popped melted metal into my face where i had to wear an eye patch for a weekend) and you know that big bitch had the nerve to fall over on top of me. i was stopped from hitting the ground by a 5" x 5" steel pipe that acted like an impaler and cought me dead center in the chest.
this dude on the left is not me... its a friend of a friend who also got got in his eye with something sketchy...

a few hours later and i was out of the emergency room and on a hotel room bed. i am now on 5 different medications and scheduled to return home friday. i am too stubborn to stop working. i got off super lucky with only bruised ribs a bruised sternam and a bunch of scrapes... i also still have a vendetta against that sign. keep checking back for rad news instead of medical updates.

Monday, February 9, 2009

wide world of crimespreein

the other night i was in a store where in front of me stood a piss soaked homeless woman. she had a trench coat on which had obvious peepee stains all over it. it was incredible. i hope she lives foreever. homeless people got it made with the no bills and whatnot.

im in huntsville working on compass bank signs and da ceo is in town, i shoulda shaved. also...

if im in the vicinity of any whiskey lately, i cant help but to try and break my personal drunk record. please dont encourage it. i cant afford the happiness that jack daniels brings me. check out the house blog for some crimespree related events and whatnot. camping the end of this month... this means artsy half ass photos.

please comment this post with rad songs for a playlist for my life. keep it from having too much to do with grease the production. i hear enough of that at rehearsal.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

news flash bitch

Its been about a month and a half and i am now starting to work again. after a stressful week in mississippi back in november, i decided i needed to take some time off. im now in orange beach chillaxin out max and freezing my ass off in a hotel room. thanks quality inn. im currently working on a handful of projects which include but are not limited to - working on the crimespree platinum and paisley album, restoring a 1979 yamaha xs650 chopper, editing some footage for the wiregrass art museum, writing the score to the footage, about to begin a documentary about artclash and its cohorts, shoot photos for random shit, pounding drums on the regular and working on helping coordinate a production for oh also i will have a feature in anti-mag... finally. only after 2ish years of working on getting my shit together.

here are some pictures of random shit that has something to do with the afore mentioned.

random creepy photo that will most likely be apart of the feature
1979 yamaha xs650 chopper

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dale Kennington

Today i randomly was asked to film an interview with acclaimed artist (paint) Dale Kennington. After being introduced to her and chit chatting about music and musical transitions involved in film, i decided to skip checking out her exhibit until after the lecture/interview. She spoke about incorporating people from different places and times in her life into a single painting, as though every painting she completes is a breif synopsis of her life. Although she is a few years my elder, she seemed to be very interested in the more technological mediums in the artworld that are available today. Music isnt strictly made by recording instrumentation, or by merely singing a song - photos arent strictly done with film and sketches can be done on a laptop. None the less, she continues to advance herself in her own world and let people peek in throught her outlets. here are a few coice peices.

let me show you our new house...

this is just a bunch of hooplah pics of our new crib... there will be an eppisode of cribs up soon featuring 207. keep ya ear to the ground.

this is where the rockin world goes round... thaks to fat bottom girls of course.

this is our seating area... we dont entertain many people due to limited seating so if you ever get invited, feel honored.